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Our Philosophy

​​‘Chang’ (pronounced as "Cha-ang") is elephant in the Thai language.

The elephant is a symbol of strength, patience, determination, loyalty, honour, stability and reliability. It also symbolizes the removal of obstacles – something we wish to do for everyone that visits us.

Chang TCM Wellness Clinic is set up with the goal of bringing reliable and honest-to-goodness TCM treatment to everyone. At the same time, we want to encourage younger folks to return to the roots and seek out TCM treatments in a relaxing and eclectic setting, in the up-and-coming locale of Jalan Besar at the fringes of the city.

About Us


Our physician is a registered TCM physician and acupuncturist with more than 20 years’ clinical experience. Her experiences are accumulated through working for various non-profit organisations. She treats illnesses like colds, coughs, high blood pressure, migraine, high blood cholesterol, stroke and among many others. She has also mastered the “Three Jing Needles” technique for the treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and autism.


Our physician empathises with everyone that consults her. But she will spare no efforts to ensure that you will have to follow her instructions to move down the road of recovery. Her acupuncture and treatment skills are not limited to just treating sicknesses; she also treats people for weight control and looking good. 



All of our therapists are accredited by ITEC and/or WSQ in different types of massage therapies. In addition to Tui Na, Oil massages and Acupressure massages are also their forte. The accumulated experiences of our therapists exceed 50 years.  

Over these years, they have honed their skills in identifying and treating patients' problem areas; it maybe problems that patients do not even know they have. eg. like something that happened long ago like a fall in childhood or bone misalignment resulting from a very abrupt stop in a vehicle or even a traffic accident. They can easily pick out your problems be it, shoulders, stiff neck, chronic backaches or carpal tunnel syndrome.


Working in Chang TCM Wellness Clinic is based not just on paper qualifications but also their skills in massage and their genuineness in wanting to heal patients.  

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