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BCR Treatment

Biological Cell Regulation (BCR) Therapy offered by the Luxxamed line of medical devices, uses cybernetics (Artificial Intelligence) in their pain management technology. This system is developed and patented in Germany. Pain can be relieved almost instantly. The artificial intelligence in our machine enables us to be more accurate in our treatment of our customers. Accompanied by the patented Nano-Photonic LED lights, the electrical frequency and current accelerates regeneration and activate healthier cells and moderate the metabolism. Our treatment machines treats our customers non-invasively and it has no lasting side effects.

General Patients

Slipped Disc

Neck / Shoulder Pain


Senior Patients


Chronic Joint pains

Stroke Recovery

Parkinson’s Disease

Diabetic  Wound healing

Regeneration for the weak and ailing

Some of the BCR therapy benefits:

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • No side effect (microcurrent)

  • Zero pain treatment experience

  • Promote cell regulation process

  • Enhance cell metabolism by stimulating ATP

  • Treat Acute or Chronically Inflamed and Degenerated Tissue

  • Reduce both acute and chronic pain conditions

  • Stimulate lymphatic circulation and waste elimination,

  • Improve diet balance due to better metabolism

  • Stimulates wound and scar healing, including diabetic ulcers

  • High diagnosis accuracy by AI system hence increase effectiveness

Accident Patients

Injury healing

Fracture healing

Pre & Post surgery

Sport Related Patients

Injury and Surgery Healing

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle Regeneration

And More...

General Wellness




Face Therapy

Lymph Drainage/ Fat Reduction


Cancer Patients

Pain Management


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